Wound Care
DermaWound® Brand Products

If a wound care nurse, specialist, expert or clinic is treating (debriding, grafting, vacuuming, lasering, etc.) your wound with no apparent end in sight; while making it larger and more painful – do you still have confidence? Have you had enough?

DermaWound® brand products completely eliminate the need for infection spreading, costly, time consuming and very painful standard wound care therapies; especially in cases with extensive areas of tissue damage and necrosis.

Since 1994 DermaWound® brand products have been proven (FDA Registered, FDA Clinically & Allergy Tested) to be of major and immediate benefit in the management of Acute and Chronic Non-healing Wounds, Diabetic Leg, Foot & Toe Ulcers, Traumatic Injuries, Non-acute Thermal Burns (Burn Ulcers), Radiation Burn Ulcers, Surgical Wound Dehiscence, Surgical Wound Sites (ex. Post Mohs Surgery) and Catheter Site Infections; Specializing in Stage 2-3-4 Pressure Sores as well as Venous Stasis Leg & Ankle Ulcers.

Guaranteed results you can See, Smell and Feel after the 1st dressing change or your money back – Period!

We back up our claim 100% that DermaWound® is the best, most efficient and fastest working wound care product in the world. Simply follow our time-tested instructions and algorithm; and do not be creative.

How It Works
Two (2) Concentrated Condition-Specific Formulas (Original & Venous Stasis) Address Key Issues:

1. Rapid Pain Relief.
2. Rapid Flushing of Infection from chronic and acute wounds.
3. Rapid formation of granulation tissue and filling of defects.
4. Rapid odor elimination in 12 hours or less. Wound will become
rapidly free of pus and odor, if any is present.
5. Rapid decrease in inflammation and erythema (swelling & redness).
6. Bacterialcidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms, including resistant bacteria (i.e. MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas, e. Coli, Streptococcus), viruses
& fungi.
Results in a rapid elimination / reduction of bacterial, viral and fungal contamination.
7. Rapid auto-debriding (removal) of wound eschar (dry, hard, dead tissue).
8. No drug interactions. Compatible with all medications.
9. Rapidly pulls out Osteomyelitis in exposed bone.
10. Requirement for skin grafting is eliminated, even with large areas of tissue damage. This will be a result of natural skin island formation on the healthy granulation tissue with subsequent covering by epithelium.
11. The Wounds heal without a scab – from the outside, in – and from the
bottom, up. Edges of wound will “feel” and appear to be “pulling” together.
12. Minimal or no major scarring. Very few Keloids, even in dark skin.
13. Relatively painless therapy due to the water solubility of the product. This results in non-adherence of the dressings to the wound with subsequent decreased requirements for analgesia.
14. Purest Natural and highest grade USP Ingredients.
15. There is NO need for enzymatic wound debriders, wound cleansers, hydrogen peroxide, etc., and they should not be used.
Clean Water and/or Normal Saline are only recommended during dressing changes, which has the added benefit of saving more money.
16. Decreased overall morbidity and mortality.
17. Reduced Hospital / Insurance / Home cost for wound, burn and ulcer care secondary to reduced healing times and consolidation of many products into one – this is a time saving and very cost efficient product!

Note: Blood flow is critical, but it doesn’t have to be 100%.
If you have as low as 20-25% of your normal blood flow to the affected area, DermaWound will still be very effective. If you have 0% blood flow (ex. dry gangrene, severe peripheral atherosclerosis in diabetes, blood clots etc.), only the hand of God can help (or a great vascular surgeon – maybe).

If you have “good insurance” and a serious, complicated or non-healing wound and you don’t use DermaWound – your wound care experience might resemble the following:

Initial visit to a highly recommended wound care “specialist” in your area at an overcrowded clinic – thus the journey begins…
Painful debridement of wound/ulcer, Order tests (Blood work, X-ray, CT, Doppler, etc.), Debride, Debride, Order an established conventional product (ex. Dakin’s solution), Debride, Debride, Debride, Order a painful chemical debrider (ex. Santyl), Debride, Debride, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber x 10-20 visits and/or Wound “Vac” for how ever many days your insurance will cover – Debriding all the way, Skin Graft x 3, Debride, MRSA Infection, X-ray, CT, Hospital stay with triple antibiotics through a port (I.V.), Debride, Debride, Skin Graft x 2, Debride, Order a very expensive (ex. Regranex) or “new” conventional product, Debride, Debride, MRSA Infection – again, more I.V. Antibiotics – Debriding all the way, X-Ray, Osteomyelitis, Major Surgery, Amputation and/or ???

Average Time = 1-5 years
Average Total Cost = $10,000’s to $100,000’s of dollars
…In all seriousness – thanks, but no thanks.


1) Average Cost in The United States to Treat a Serious or Non-healing Wound:
a. DermaWound Brand Products – $499.00
(FDA Registered / FDA Clinically & Allergy Tested – Made in U.S.A.)
b. Wound Care Centers / Hospitals / Clinics, etc. – $16,350.00+++

2) Cost to Weight Analysis of DermaWound Brand Products versus a Popular Prescription Wound Care Product; or What Does 1lb. (448gm) of Each Wound Care Product Cost?
a. DermaWound (2 formulas) 6oz. = 179 gm. = $99.95 ea./tube =
$266.09 lb.
b. *Regranex® (Becaplermin) = 0.01% gel / 15gm. = $738.93 ea./tube =
$24,039.06 lb.

3) What Are The Average Costs Associated With Other Modes of Widely Accepted Conventional Therapy?
a. Muscle Flap Surgery (Sacral Area) = $27,500.00 / average
b. Skin Graft (Ankle / Lower Leg Area) = $4,750.00 / average
c. Wound Vacuum Systems = $250.00 / per day average
d. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers = $575.00 / per visit average

4) Comparison of Potential Unwanted Side Effects Most Associated With Standard Wound Care Therapies and DermaWound Brand Products:

a. DermaWound Brand Products
(Both DermaWound Formulas have been FDA Laboratory Clinically & Allergy tested to make the claim of “Non-irritating”.)
1. Original Formula – localized skin allergy risk = 1-3.5%;
2. Venous Stasis (VS) Formula – localized skin allergy risk = 1-2.5%;

b. *Regranex® (Becaplermin)
*An increased rate of mortality (death) secondary to malignancy (cancer) was observed in patients treated with 3 or more tubes of Regranex Gel in a post-marketing retrospective cohort study.
*FDA Black Box Warning Label in June, 2008 – click here

c. Muscle Flap Surgery (Sacral Area)
Permanently limiting / Major surgical procedure / Nosocomial (hospital acquired) Infections – ex. MRSA, etc.

d. Skin Graft (Ankle / Lower Leg Area)
Greater than >68% failure rate / Surgical debridement necessary / Surgical procedure / Nosocomial Infections – ex. MRSA, etc.

e. Wound Vacuum Systems
Highly restrictive & uncomfortable / Bulky / Noisy / Sharp debridement / Increased risk of infection.

f. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
Increased risk of cardiac events / Barotraumatic lesions (middle ear, nasal sinuses, inner ear, lung, teeth), oxygen toxicity (central nervous system, lung) / Confinement anxiety / Ocular effects (myopia, cataract growth, blurred vision) / Most wound care patients are O2 saturating at greater than >97% and are not oxygen deprived to begin with; therefore, the therapy’s true value as an effective wound care adjunct is highly debatable.

We promise our clientele you will not be left in the dark scratching your head, looking at a wound or ulcer and wondering whether DermaWound is working or not. It will be obvious after the very 1st dressing change.

DermaWound® = Serious and Critical Wound Care at a price every body can afford.

U.S. and International Utility / Method Patents Issued & Pending
DermaWound is a USPTO Registered Trademark