David M. Dixon, M.D. – Founder, Medical Director

After witnessing the tortures of a burn victim enduring painful debridements and skin grafting procedures, Dr. Dixon knew there had to be a better way. He soon thereafter began his journey revolutionizing the art and science of wound care.

Dr. Dixon graduated from Fisk University with a B.A. degree in Biology; completed a post-baccalaureate pre-med program at Creighton; worked for the Arizona Lions Eye Bank and Lucas County, Ohio Coroners Office; received his Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Ohio and attended Internships at UCLA and USC.

Dr. Dixon has been an independent researcher and innovator since 1994 and launched ProgressiveDoctors.com in 2001. Over the past 24 years Dr. Dixon has conducted many ground breaking research investigations which have led to the development of cutting-edge wound care products and devices utilizing novel methods of tissue application and regeneration techniques. The results of those efforts have culminated in the issuance of patents in: The United States, China, Russia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, India and the E.U. Dr. Dixon is available for private individual, family and governmental consultations worldwide.

A Note From Our Founder…
“DermaWound USA has dedicated themselves to making DermaWound Brand Products the Gold Standard of Wound Care around the world.

David M. Dixon, MD

Pressure / Bed Sores

Diabetic Leg and Foot Ulcers

Decubitus Ulcers

Surgical Wound Dehiscence

Surgical Wound Sites (ex. Post Mohs Surgery)

Indwelling Catheters & Ostomy Sites

External Fixations

Arteriosclerotic Ulcers

Ischaemic Ulcers

Non-Healing Lacerations

Traumatic Ulcers

Spider Bite Ulcers (Brown Recluse)

Amputee Stumps

Chronic or Re-occuring Wounds

Venous Stasis Type Ulcers

Ankle Ulcers

Scleroderma Ulcers

Sickle Cell Ulcers

Auto-Immune Ulcers

Non-acute Thermal Burns (Burn Ulcers)

Radiation Burn Ulcers

Minor scrapes, abrasions and blisters