Diabetic and Chronic Wound Care Expert Offers Timely Advice During American Diabetes Month Tucson, AZ – November 1, 2012 – Anyone that has diabetes knows the helpless feeling of having a scrape or cut turn into a chronic wound that simply will not heal. In general, diabetics are notorious “slow healers” that are often doomed to a regimen of frequent and expensive dressing changes that can take months or years to heal the most minor of wounds. DermaWound.com, owned by David Dixon, MD, has been providing diabetics and their families an inexpensive and effective option for years. No newcomer to complicated wound care cases involving diabetics, Dr. Dixon has over 18 years experience with his proprietary and patent pending product DermaWound®, formerly known as Rapid Heal. “People come to us from all over the world”, says Dr. Dixon, a graduate of a major U.S. medical school, “their main concern is they have tried every other product and experimental therapy out there, and now they are facing a possible amputation or life threatening infection”. According to Dr. Dixon, his product has “no negative effect on blood sugar levels and has broad spectrum antimicrobial, bacterial and viral properties that make it the perfect wound care therapy”. “DermaWound,” he says, “is also effective against MRSA or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a very common and nasty pathogen that is often present in chronic wounds, which prevents healing until it is eradicated. DermaWound.com has focused on the home health care industry attracting clients using the Internet, and has recently seen a sharp increase in their product being requested by long-term care and assisted living facilities as well as hospices. “I think the word is getting out about DermaWound, and the Christopher Reeve incident really has brought this issue out in the open,” says Dr. Dixon. “Even though Mr. Reeve’s was not a diabetic, he had a pressure sore that was non-healing which led to a systemic infection that eventually targeted his heart”. “People need to know that this option exists and there is a very good chance that a successful outcome can be achieved in a relatively short period of time and at a fraction of the costs of conventional therapy”. The formula retails at $44.95 for one / 6oz jar. Accessibility is a unique and important aspect of DermaWound.com. Dr. Dixon is available during regular business hours to have educational discussions on a case-by-case basis at no extra charge. Says Dr. Dixon: “Once an individual or buyer reads about our product online, if they have any further questions regarding dressing changes, application or whatever, we want to be able to provide them all the tools they need to be successful – so no question is unimportant.”